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Product Line 

Products and Equipment That We Sell

RGB Audio Visual is your Number One Toronto and GTA supplier of professional Audio-Visual equipment.

Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you purchase the best, most reliable and cost-effective AV equipment to meet your requirements. We are constantly reviewing new products to provide you with the best solutions. 
If you do not see it listed, it doesn’t mean we don’t carry it.  Just to many to list.

Altinex: Computer video interfaces, distribution amplifiers, switchers, matrix switchers

Atlona Technologies: Cables, HDMI extenders, amplifiers, splitters, scalers, switchers

AMX: Control and automation, system-wide switching and audio/video signal distribution, digital signage and technology management.

Architectural Acoustics: Microphones, mixers, PA Systems, modular mixer/Amps, signal processors, power amps

Anchor Audio: Portable PA systems

Ashly Audio: Amplifiers, signal processors

Atlas Sound: Speakers, amplifiers, sound masking, volume controls, mic stands

Audio-Technica: Microphones, wireless microphone systems

AVFI Audio Visual Furniture: Podiums, lecterns, tables, desks, stands, mounts, credenzas

Behringer: Microphones

Beyerdynamic: Conference systems, interpreter systems voting systems, installed sound microphones, tour guide systems

Biamp Systems: Mixers, amplifiers, digital signal processing (DSP), paging, voice evacuation systems

Bogen Communications: Telephone paging, public address, intercommunications, and background music systems

Bose Professional Systems: Loudspeakers and sound systems for music and speech.

Brightline: Lighting Systems for Videoconferencing and E-Learning

BSS Audio: Audio and Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

Cambridge Sound: Sound Masking systems to reduce noise distractions and protect speech privacy

CBM: Mounting solutions, carts and stands

Chief: Mounting solutions, carts and stands for large panels, projector lifts, mounts and security systems

Cisco Systems: Video and audio conferencing systems

Christie Digital: Projectors, displays, cubes

ClearOne Communications: Audio conferencing equipment

Clock Audio: Microphones, automatic mixers

Community Loudspeakers: Speakers

Contemporary Research Corporation: Digital Signage, HD/SD cable receivers, HD/SD satellite receivers

Countryman Associates: Lavalier, earset choir & audience, podium microphones

Crest Audio: Power Amplifiers

Crown Audio: Power amplifiers, preamplifiers, mixers, microphones

Crestron Electronics: Commercial control systems

Da-Lite Screen Company: Projection screens

Digiflex: Audio cables

Denon: CD players, DVD players

Display Devices: Wall / ceiling mounts and motorized lift products for projectors, flat panel displays, and microphones

Draper: Front and rear projection screens, portable projection screens, fixed screens, permanently tensioned projection screens

EAW – Eastern Acoustic Works: Loudspeakers, amplifiers

Egan Visual: Presentation and wall boards

Elmo: visualisers, document cameras

EXACT Furniture: Lecterns, podiums, credenzas, desks, videoconferencing stands, equipment rack carts for audio visual equipment

Extron: Computer-video interfaces, switchers, matrix switchers, system controllers, distribution amplifiers, audio products, speakers, video scalers, scan converters, signal processing devices, Ethernet control interfaces

FSR: Hotel audio control, floor and wall boxes, camera switches, audio & video control, switching equipment

Gator Cases: Cases for displays, projectors, all types of electronic equipment

Gefen: Signal switchers, splitters, extenders, scalers, converters, KVM solutions

JBL Professional:  Harman Installed and portable speaker systems, amplifiers

K&M: Microphone stands, tripods, booms, gooseneck, accessories

Kramer Electronics: Distribution amplifiers, switchers, routers, control systems, format standards converters, range extenders, repeaters, scan converters, scalers, room connectivityLab.Gruppen: Power amplifiers and powered loudspeaker management systems

Listen Technologies: Hearing assistance sound systems, transmitters, receivers and sound reinforcement. Stationary, portable, wireless and digital systems

Mackie Designs: Mixers, amplifiers, preamps, processors, powered mixers

Magenta Research: Devices for distribution and switching of video/audio/serial signals over Cat5 cable and DVI over fiber and/or Cat6

Middle Atlantic: Racks and enclosures, surveillance and monitoring console, data and cabling management, studio furniture, video mounts and power products

Omnimount: Mounting solutions for speakers and displays

Peerless: Mounting hardware for audio visual equipment including flat-screen displays, projectors, cameras. Stands, carts and digital signage products.

Phonic Ear: Assistive listening devices

Polycom: (HP)Audio and video conferencing systems

Premier Mounts: Display and projector mounts

QSC Audio Products: Power amplifiers, speakers, DSP Digital Signal Processing, Q-SYS networked audio and control, mixers

Radio Design Labs: Audio, video and control modules

Rane: Crossovers, audio delays, balancing and isolation, paging, power amplifiers, distribution amplifiers, equalizers, rack mount mixers, preamps

Renkus-Heinz: Loudspeakers, power amplifiers, signal processors, control networks

Revolabs: Wireless audio

Rolls: Processors, amplifiers, mixers, signal sources, and interface accessories

rp Visual Solutions: Rear projection mounts, front and rear rigid projection screens, pedestals for display cubes, rear projection enclosures

Sennheiser: Wireless microphone systems, wired microphones, conference systems, tour guide systems

Sharp /NEC Commercial displays

Shure: Microphones, wireless systems, earphones

Sound Tube Systems: Speakers

Stewart Audio: Power amplifiers, DSP’s

SVS Lift Systems: Motorized lifts (ceiling & floor-mounted) for projectors and flat panel displays

Symetrix: DSP’s

Tannoy: Architectural, passive & powered loudspeaker systems

Tightrope Media Systems: Web-based digital signage servers and broadcast systems

TOA: Amplifiers, mixer/amplifiers, speakers, network audio, mixers, digital signal processors, wired & wireless microphones, conference systems, digital message repeaters

TV One Multimedia Solutions: Processors, switchers

VFI Furniture: Podiums and lecterns, videoconferencing tables, carts, mounts and stands

Vaddio: Camera tracking systems, videoconferencing accessories, signal processors/encoders, camera mounting hardware

ViewsonicDisplays, Mounts,, viewboards, Projectors

WolfVision:  Visualisers, document cameras

Xantech: Infrared remote control extension, multiroom/multizone IR control systems

Transform your space with cutting-edge audio-visual technology. Our team of experts will work with you to design a customized solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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